Monday, October 1, 2007

PAS: No Indians in village but 300 Indians registered as voters

PAS will not announce its decision whether to contest in the upcoming Batu Talam by-election pending a satisfactory explanation from the Election Commission (EC) on certain basic things.

Its vice-president Datuk Husam Musa said the party will send a delegation to the EC to get a clarification on the electoral role but at the same time, it will continue with its preparations for the election on the ground.

"We have a made a decision today but we will not announce it yet as we want the EC to explain certain things first. Once we are satisfied the election is going to be clean, then only we will make public our decision.

"One of the issues is on the existence of some 300 Indian voters in Kg Ulu Sungai. We have checked and found there is not a single Indian family there," he told theSun when contacted.

The by-election is held following the death of its assemblyman Tengku Paris Tengku Razlan on Dec 27. Since 1999, PAS has always fielded a candidate for the seat.

Husam said PAS is ready with many issues to battle with Barisan Nasional on Jan 28.

They include the problem of water supply in the Felda area which the people claimed was only available from 8am until 4pm daily, with no supply in the rest of the day.

"Then there is also this problem of regular interruption in electricity supply, almost on a daily basis, including on Saturday (Jan 6, 2007) while we were having a meeting there.

"The people in Raub are also worried as they have heard that the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry has approved the use of cyanide, a very toxic chemical, in gold mining activities there," he added.

Husam said another issue is about young settlers whom the government promised in 2004 to be given land but until now nothing.

"We believe we have strong issues to fight for. We also received reports from the people in Raub, asking us to contest in the by-election. But first, we want the EC to settle the basic matters," he added. (Malaysia Today)


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