Monday, October 1, 2007

First by-election, now Pas may boycott general election

After its boycott of the Batu Talam by-election, Pas is mulling the same for the next general election, said party vice-president Datuk Husam Musa.

Husam, who is Kelantan state public administration, economic planning, finance and community development committee chairman, said the decision to contest or not would be made later.

"I’m not saying that we are boycotting the general election but it is a possibility," he said after the weekly state executive council meeting. The boycott in Batu Talam, Pahang, followed the opposition party’s allegations of irregularities in the electoral system.

"We are not afraid of losing to our opponents but rather afraid to lose out because of the (election) system. What happened in the Pengkalan Pasir by-election in 2005 strengthened our decision to boycott Batu Talam," he said.

In the Pengkalan Pasir by-election Barisan Nasional’s Hanafi Mamat defeated Pas’ Hanifa Ahmad by a majority of 134 votes.

Pas then petitioned to nullify the result at the High Court but lost after its charges of phantom voters and bribery could not be proved.

Husam also said he and several Pas members would be in Batu Talam soon, not to campaign but to meet the people and hold a dialogue on local problems. (Malaysia Today)


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