Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mum saves baby as fire razes four houses

KOTA BARU: Housewife Nora Ali’s decision to leave her year-old daughter alone at home to pick up her son from kindergarten nearly proved fatal for the baby.

Fire razed four houses at Kampung Kijang, including Nora’s, but the kindergarten was near enough to her home that the 28-year-old managed to rush back in time to save daughter Aishah Nadia Arif.

Nora said she was on her way to pick up her son, Akmal, when she saw smoke coming from a neighbour’s house.

"I turned back and rushed into the house to get my daughter."

More than 20 people were made homeless in the 11am incident which caused an estimated RM150,000 in losses.

Another victim, Mohd Adip Firdaus Mohd Azmi, 22, said he and five relatives were resting in their rooms when he felt intense heat.

"I woke up and went out of the room and saw flames in the kitchen. I alerted the others and we rushed out of the house," he said.

Kota Baru Fire and Rescue Department chief Ismail Mohd Shukri said 25 firemen took about 30 minutes to control the blaze.

State assemblyman Datuk Husam Musa, who visited the scene, said the state government would give RM1,500 to each family. (NST, 22/6/07)


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